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How Actors Can Use Social Media in 2024 to Increase Their Online Visibility

When used well, social media is an invaluable tool for actors in building their networks, finding work, and building relationships with industry professionals. In this article, we'll explore four ways actors can navigate their online presence with strategy and authenticity.

How Actors Can Use Social Media in 2024 to Increase Their Online Visibility

In the dynamic landscape of social media, actors must navigate their online presence with strategy and authenticity. We've gathered insights from industry experts, including a social media and marketing manager and a senior coach. From staying true to your brand to reflecting your real personality and engaging with the audience, discover the top four pieces of advice on boosting online visibility in 2024.

Stay True to Your Brand

People follow social media accounts because they relate to the account—whether a person, place, or thing—in a personal, usually positive manner. While fans feel they know actors from the characters they play or through interviews they've conducted, they see only one side of an individual. That side is an actor's brand. In social media, it is imperative for you to stay true to your brand.

Every post someone makes should convey a clear message. The post does not always need to portray happiness; posts that are written or spoken from the heart can engage followers and even encourage new ones. However, if the post is ambivalent or is meant to be shocking or controversial, it doesn't allow for real, honest engagement or audience development. Posts can be as simple as dinnertime with your family, talking about meeting a celebrity you admire, or even being on a television set working. These are honest posts about everyday life that demonstrate true authenticity.

However, once someone indulges in a sponsorship, particularly in a sneaky fashion, or brags about an expensive lifestyle, the post becomes insincere, almost outwardly stating, 'I'm better than you. I don't want to engage with you.' It's not showing authenticity or your brand in a positive light. One wrong message can sway thousands of people to instantly change their perception of a person. It doesn't matter if the message is taken out of context or is meant as a flippant response; once that message is on social media, a brand can be ruined.

Stephanie Krasnoff, Social Media and Marketing Manager, Montgomery College

Create a Diverse Showreel

A diverse range of abilities is key to succeeding as an actor. However, the majority of actors we work with only think to build a showreel from the projects they have completed. This can demonstrate quite a narrow or short experience and has less chance of securing a role. We always recommend that actors build a diverse showreel by shooting their own short scenes; this can be done simply with the tool we carry in our pocket. Using social media to promote these short scenes is a great way to build up a portfolio; however, social content needs that special something to help drive more visibility and awareness.

We recommend taking advantage of trending films and TV shows, recreating scenes from these, and sharing them online. The inherent audience interest in these films and TV shows will help increase visibility, engagement, and sharing. Use relevant hashtags, post in community groups, and reach out to the cast and crew for an even greater chance of having this content seen.

Ryan Stone, Founder & Creative Director, Lambda Films London

Engage and Share Authentic Experiences

To garner online visibility on social media in 2024, actively engaging and posting on the existing social media channels is important. Whether it is in the form of reels, live sessions, broadcast channels, or responding to comments and messages on social media, everything is covered! Live updates, recent photographs, and uploading performances at award ceremonies or events assist in developing connections.

Only share authentic, tried-and-tested product recommendations that align with your personal experiences. Address common issues through real-time marketing with feasible solutions. By showcasing your authenticity and connecting personally, you'll build a loyal fan base and earn respect in the eyes of the general public.

Faizan Khan, Public Relations and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy UK

Reflect Real Personality and Engage

Make sure your social media profiles reflect the real you—share snippets of your life, your passions, and, of course, your work. People love connecting with genuine personalities. Second, don't just post and ghost! Respond to comments, ask questions, and join conversations. It's all about building a community, not just followers.

Lastly, use stories and reels to showcase your versatility. Whether it's behind-the-scenes glimpses or quick monologues, keep it interesting. Stay true, stay engaged, and watch your visibility soar.

James Cunningham, Senior Coach, Total Shape



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