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Emily Maguire.
Managing Director

Career Coach and Actor Mentor

BSc (Hons), GMBPsS, PGDip, RCDP

Emily Maguire Career Consultant and Actor Mentor

Emily has over twenty years of business management and mentoring experience and twelve years of experience as a Talent Manager as the Managing Director of Reflections Talent Agency™.


She is experienced in working with creatives at various stages of their careers. Combining her industry knowledge and expertise in career guidance means she can help creatives unlock their full potential, using her strategic insights into the entertainment industry's complexities. Through Reflections Career Coaching™ (, she specialises in; Entertainment Industry Coaching and Actor Mentoring.

All talent are treated as individuals, each sourced work that matches their unique professional goals.

Starting as an actor was fundamental in how Reflections was formed. Using insights and understanding of what actors need and want from their agencies formed the central basis for the agency's ethos. Representation is a partnership, with both manager and actor working together.

Based in the UK, Emily has worked worldwide with high-profile clients and enjoys guiding people on their life journeys to find clarity and empowerment and helping them to achieve their career goals. 

She mentors her clients, providing guidance while encouraging personal agency

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