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Managing Director - Emily Maguire 

BSc (Hons), MBPsS, PGDip, RCDP

Working as a Talent Manager for over ten years, as the Managing Director of Reflections Talent Agency, and as a performer for more than 20 years. Emily Maguire has a wealth of industry knowledge and can help entertainers unlock their full potential.​ 
Emily is also a career and employability consultant with 20+ years of business management and mentoring experience. Passionate about careers and education, she has previously organized large-scale networking events and enjoys connecting companies and individuals.

Emily is a Level 7 CDI registered career development consultant and regional representative for CDI members in the Yorkshire and Humber region. Based in the UK, she has worked worldwide with high-profile clients. 

She enjoys guiding people on their life journeys to find clarity and empowerment and helping them to achieve their goals. Through Reflections Career Coaching, she offers various career services, including working as a mentor with actors and helping with building their profiles, marketing themselves, choosing suitable headshots and showreels, networking skills, writing to casting directors, producers, agencies, and much more!

Emily also produces labour market reports and teaches workshops in employability, marketing and entrepreneurial networking and building and maintaining a strategic network of industry connections. 

Reflections Talent Agency opened in 2012 and has become known as one of the top agencies for providing quality talent in the UK and Ireland. Her clients have performed worldwide in some fantastic projects with companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Paramount Pictures, Millennium Films, Sony Pictures, TBS and many more. 

Starting as an actor was fundamental in how Reflections was formed. Her insights and understanding of what actors need and want from their agencies formed the central basis for the agency’s ethos. Representation is a partnership, with both manager and actor, working together towards the same goals.


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