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Commercial Talent

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If you are a production company or casting director seeking commercial talent for your project, you have come to the right place. Click on the name of the talent you are interested in, and you will be directed to their Spotlight page. There, you will find all the necessary information, such as their headshots, resumes, and reels, to help you determine if they are the best fit for your project. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact Reflections via email.

Alison Irwin Photo

Alison Irwin

Amy Flood Photo

Amy Flood

Cheryl Burniston Photo

Cheryl Burniston

Daniel Singh Headshot

Daniel Singh

Darren Stamford

Darren Stamford

Ella Baker-Roberts Actor Headshot

Ella Baker-Roberts

Luke Seddon Acting Headshot

Luke Seddon

Julian Ferro Actor Headshot

Julian Ferro

Maria Ashton Actors Commercial Actor

Maria Ashton

Rachel Grant Photo

Rachel Grant

Rebecca Hanser

Rebecca Hanser

Sinead Clancy

Sinead Clancy Headshot
Stephanie Leigh Rose Photo

Stephanie Leigh Rose

Teresa Florentino

Teresa Fiorentino

Tom Nguyen Photo

Tom Nguyen

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