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Reflections' Guide to Social Media for Actors

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Social media has transformed the way that actors promote themselves. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are closing the gap between actors, casting directors, and fans.

Social media can be a key tool for networking, raising visibility and building your brand.

Here's Reflections' actors guide to boosting your profile on social media.

What are the benefits of using social media for actors?

There are many benefits to using social media for actors. The most obvious is that you can use social media to do your own PR. Social media is a great source of free publicity.

On social media, actors can cultivate their own following. You can build your public profile, and develop and connect with your fanbase and casting directors.

Building followers boosts your casting profile. A strong social media following can be another draw for casting directors.

Social media gives actors an opportunity to network with casting directors and fellow actors. Respond to posts by casting directors to boost your visibility. In some cases, you may see casting directors advertising jobs on their Twitter or Instagram pages.

Another key aspect of social media for actors is that it constantly keeps you up-to-date with the acting industry. Never be in the dark about what roles to apply for, what issues are hot topics in the industry, or what opportunities are out there for developing your skills

Make sure to follow lots of industry professionals. You can find Reflections on Twitter (@ReflectTalent), Facebook (Reflections Talent Agency), Instagram (@reflectionstalentagency), and LinkedIn (Reflections Talent Agency).

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What types of content should actors post on social media?

In terms of social media for actors, the type of content you should post will depend on what you’re using social media for. You might want to connect with casting directors, or your fans, or both.

Keep your content varied and of a high quality. If your content is interesting and makes a difference to people’s lives, they will keep coming back to like and comment.

Visual content is key. Photos and videos are very popular. Fans and industry professionals want to see you. Make a video showcasing your acting skills. Post plenty of behind the scenes pictures from your performances. Be sure to get permission, as some productions have a non-disclosure agreement.

Be consistent. Choose one or two platforms and post something each day. It doesn't have to be elaborate. Share content from other creatives. Post about relevant topics in your industry.

Like, comment on and share content from other creatives. Always respond when people interact with you.

Utilise popular hashtags to get your content seen, such as #ThursdayThoughts and #MondayMotivation. Keep your tweets short, and make sure to share plenty of links to relevant content and your own webpages. Use a URL Shortener to shorten hyperlinks and make the most of Twitter's character limits.

Update your bio and profile photos, and keep them consistent across all platforms. Add your Spotlight profile or YouTube/Vimeo channel to your bio, as well. This helps people to find you, and keeps your brand consistent.

What is the best social media platform for actors?

All of the different social media platforms offer something different for actors. However, arguably the most popular social media platform for actors is Twitter. Twitter focuses heavily on engagement and conversations, so it’s an important tool for networking and developing a follower base.

This is not to say that other social media sites don’t also have their benefits. Instagram is important for posting photos and videos, giving followers a closer connection with you, as they see photos of your film shoots and other work.

Ultimately, it's important that social media for actors is kept in balance. It's easy to get sucked into chasing likes and retweets, but it's better to make social media work for you, not the other way round. Limit your social media time, and take plenty of breaks away from the screen.

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