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Latest News: Completed filming the role of Constance Wilde in The Ballad of Reading Gaol.



  • 2019, Constance Llyod Wilde, THE BALLAD OF READING GAOL, Aymeric Nicolet

  • 2019, Molly, NARCISSUS REVISITED, Caspar Muller

  • 2018, Mallory, STILL YOUNG, Spalding Film, Marcos Spalding

  • 2017, Olivia, IN RETROSPECT, RMC Productions, Rick McCullagh

  • 2016, Ann, ONE IN A MILLION, Shout Out, Patrick Ireland

  • 2016, Eveshka, RUSALKA, Endosmosis Productions, Olga Matkovska

  • Laura Wells, DANNY, Splitflix Films NYC, James Andrew Sands

  • Roma, THE TWO OF US, London Forest Productions, Jay Cullen

  • Kathy, KATHY AND JIMMY, Atlantic on Fire, Valeriy Borovinskiy

  • Annie, THE UNSEEN, Anna Reszutarz

  • Delilah, BLACK SUN, Lews Ball

  • Adette, THE WATCHING, Sam Rielly


  • 2018, Gardener/Home Owner, GROW CARE GARDEN, isiteTV Limited, James Morgan

  • 2017, The Client, INSIDE THE ATELIER, BYB Productions, Phil Ugabe

  • 2018, Wife and Housebuyer, BAIRSTOW AND EVES, Atom Pictures, Bill Wilson

  • 2017, Rich oblivious customer, CAN YOU SEE ME?, A21 & True Q, Tally Parr

  • Horse Riding Woman, BORD FAILTE IRELAND


  • 2018, Ina, LUCRECE, The Cockpit Theatre, Kennedy Bloomer

  • 2018, Medbh, MOTHER, Biscuit Factory Truro, Bernie Moran

  • 2017, Magdalene Vivena O'Hare, WAITING ROOM, Upstairs at The Gatehouse Highgate, Louise Bakker

  • 2017, Janey, THE REUNION, The Brockley Jack Theatre, Roberta Zuric

  • 2017, Diane Guggenheim, I'LL TELL ME MA, London Irish Theatre, John Dunne

  • 2017, Dorina, DORINA'S STORY, M.J. Stephens, Leonlie Matthews

  • 2017, Medbh, MOTHER, Biscuit Factory Truro, Bernie Moran

  • 2017, Molly Malone, MOLLY MALONE, The Green Curtain Theatre, Anne Curtis

  • 2017, Grace, THE FALL OF THE FATHER, The London Irish Theatre, John Dunne

  • Marina North (Lead), THE NORTH HOUSE, Manhattan Rep Theatre, Micheal Menta

  • Margaret, CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF, Marilyn Monroe Theatre NYC, Michael Mortez

  • Eithne Incuba, THE ONLY JEALOUSY OF EMER, Yeats Theatre, Sam McCreedy

  • Darlene, ONE MAN'S JUNK, The Green Curtain Theatre, Anne Curtis



Accents & Dialects: American-California, American-New England, American-New York, American-Southern States, American-Standard, American-West Coast, Belfast, Central Scottish, Cockney, Cork, Donegal, Dublin, French, Irish RP, Irish-Northern, Irish-Southern, Italian, London, RP*

Music & Dance: Argentine Tango, Ballroom Dancing, Belly Dancing, Bodhran, Cabaret Singing, Ceilidh Dancing, Choral Singing, Country Singing, Folk Singing, Irish Step, Jazz Dancing, Modern Dance*, Salsa Dancing, Singing (general), Tap

Performance: Actor-Singer, Audio Books, Audio Drama, Autocue trained/experienced, Green Screen, Mask, Radio Drama, Voiceover Professional/Specialist

Sports: Football, Horse-riding, Judo, Mountain Hiking, Pilates, Qigong, Running, Yoga


  • Actors Centre & Actors Guild (Professional Development)

  • The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute 2010-2013 Acting

  • Gaeity School of Acting Dublin, Acting For Film

  • The Bill Keating Centre, Dublin, Television Production Presentation and Direction 

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