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The Actors Guide to Making Use of the Web!

With the competitive climate of the Acting profession, it is incredibly important to keep on top of all possible opportunities that could be coming your way. One of the easiest ways to do this is to ensure that you are signed up and subscribed to the best casting and job sites for actors and creatives. It will not only open up new connections and opportunities but will also make sure that you are doing the best for you and your career.

1. Castcall

Castcall is a subscription based casting information service for agents and professional actors. Founded in 1986 by Ron O'Brien, former theatrical agent, they have a wealth of knowledge and connections under their belt. Castcall provide fast, up to date job information for the acting profession and send them directly to you.

Contact them on: 01582 456213 or admin@castcall.co.uk

Website: www.castcall.co.uk

2. Mandy

Dubbed as the number one job platform for cast, crew and creative professionals, Mandy post up to 6,500 new auditions and jobs every single month and is free to join. With over 2.6 million members already using the service, they have created a huge community that are providing constant opportunities.

Join Up At: https://www.mandy.com/#signup

3. StarNow

StarNow was created with the goal of connecting talent with casting professionals and allow them to apply to castings. StarNow is now one of the leading audition and job sites for actors & extras, models, dancers, photographers, crew, stylists, and musicians! There are currently 4,569 roles that have been posted and with a free sign up, its a great opportunity to explore casting opportunities!

Join Up At: https://www.starnow.com/register/?return_url=%2fmystarnow%2fmycastingcalls.aspx

4. Cast It Talent

Launched in 2008, Cast It has become a large online casting site. Every major film and television studio uses Cast It to find actors and creatives and make decisions on their castings. Over 10,000 studio executives, producers, directors and casting professionals log into Cast It everyday, creating a huge community of industry professionals looking for actors!

Join Up At: https://www.castittalent.com/Membership.aspx

5. Dramanic

Dramanic is a unique, fast-growing online casting resource. Created in 2011, Dramanic aims to find professional work within theatre companies across the UK and USA. They aim to take the hassle out of finding work and instead deliver it directly to you, with the hope of bringing quality work to quality actors.

Contact them on: info@dramanic.com

Website: https://www.dramanic.com/uk/

6. Spotlight

Seemingly obvious for those in the acting industry, Spotlight provides much more than just an actors profile. They consistently post castings for your specific requirements alongside posting helpful advice, podcasts, videos and blogposts throughout the UK and Europe !

Join Up At: https://www.spotlight.com/join-us

If anyone has any other suggestions that have been successful for you, we'd love to hear them so we can spread the word!

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