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Rhianna Joy Hosmer chats with Reflections!

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Born Rhianna Joy Hosmer in Cheshunt Hertfordshire, Rhianna was cast in the London West End Musical Les Miserables at only 8. Rhianna attended the well renowned Sylvia Young Theatre School after being awarded a 50 % scholarship at the age of eleven; she is also a member of The National Youth Theatre and was made an ambassador in 2016. Rhianna is an brilliant young actress best known for her roles in Colours (2012), Stepping Up (2012), A Young Doctors Notebook (2012), Holby City (2013) and Man Down (2017).

Most recently, Rhianna took part in a music video for Soft Cell's Farewell Concert. It was shown at the O2 and screened across 250 Cinemas in Europe. Rhianna was lucky enough to be invited to the O2 by the Director, Caitlin Ricaud and was able to view and enjoy the concert. Excitingly, the particular video Rhianna starred in is now in talks to be added to the DVD package of the concert. We have asked Rhianna some questions which she has happily answered regarding her career so far and how she wishes to go forward!

How and when did you realise your passion for acting? 

I’ve been acting professionally since I was five. At a family outing when watching a stage performance, my parents looked down to find me but I wasn’t there, when they looked up they saw me on stage dancing and singing with the cast! So since a young age I’ve always loved performing but I think my real passion for acting began when I filmed Stepping Up (2012). It was the first time I could fully appreciate what it felt like to spend a long period of time with a film crew and be part of something that I really enjoyed. I was proud of the work I was doing and taking on a character that I knew other kids could relate to, which was the best part for me. 

When did you realise acting was something you’d like to pursue as a professional career?

Honestly it’s something that I’ve just always wanted to pursue, growing up I was lucky enough to be cast in various adverts and take part in stage performances with the Saturday school I was with. So it’s always been a part of my life, I’ve never even considered an alternative career and I wouldn’t know what else to do. I think because I’ve been acting and performing for so long I don’t know any different and I’d never want to change that. During my time playing the role of Cossette in Les Miserables and having to perform to a live audience most nights a week it showed myself and my family at eight years old how dedicated I was to this industry.  When I attended the National Youth Theatre, it definitely highlighted my passion for acting and made me realise just how much I want to pursue this career.

Do you prefer acting for stage or screen?

I have a lot more experience acting on screen and not only do I enjoy the atmosphere of a film set but I think I enjoy the process a lot more than acting on stage. I feel comfortable behind the camera and I like the variety of locations and sets, there’s always something new each day of filming. However I think screen and stage are two completely separate worlds and incredibly hard to compare as each has its own benefits and perks. The intensity of performing on stage and to a live audience gives such a thrill and I’d love to do some more work within theatre as I’ve only had a small taste of it. 

Is there anything in particular you’d like to venture into next, career wise? 

Well, referring to the previous question, I’d like to explore theatre more as what I have done, I’ve really loved. The majority of work I’ve done on screen recently has been comedy which is something I never thought I’d be any good at, but I would like to take on a role which pushes me and really challenges me as an actress. Whether that be due to a storyline or having to really dig deep to portray a character and pick them apartThere have been a few dramas on television recently with actresses and directors I look up to who inspire me and so I’d like the next venture I’m on to allow me to learn from those around me and improve my ability as an actress. 

Check out Rhianna's headshot, showreel and links below!

Rhianna Joy Hosmer Headshot

Spotlight: https://www.spotlight.com/interactive/cv/17/F102415.html

Reflections Profile: https://www.reflectionstalentagency.co.uk/rhianna-hosmer

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