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Reflections chats with Kristina Guberman

Kristina Guberman is a experienced international television presenter, actress and model. Kristina has an abundance of credits which include working with eBay, Sony and Penguin Publishing. An avid traveller, Kristina has lived in 5 countries and is fluent in English, Italian, Russian and French! She has recently returned from a recent 7 month stay in Africa presenting 3 different travel, wildlife and safari TV programmes which are due to air soon.

Alongside all of this, currently Kristina is a Guest Fashion Presenter on QVC UK and regularly presents for brands including Jolie Moi, Kim&Co and Isaac Mizrahi. We recently had a chat with Kristina and she gave us a great insight into her career, breaking into presenting and working with QVC!

What initially made you want to get into TV presenting and how did you kick start your career?

My mother got me into acting and modelling when I was very young - I think around 8! She always said that my education was priority and if at any point I stop enjoying the shoots, I can stop. That made it feel more like a fun hobby so I continued growing in the industry until serious work like commercials, presenting jobs and TV gigs started coming in... that's when I decided to really make a career out of it. 

What does your work with QVC include?

I'm a Fashion Presenter on QVC, which includes talking about the brands I'm selling, linking it to my tailoring knowledge as well as current trends and events. I have a fashion design degree from Milan as well as work experience with various top designers and 6 years experience with a British brand creating made to measure for professional women all around the world. All this combined means it's quite easy and natural for me to talk for an hour non stop about fabrics, seams, styling, outfit creation, what pieces suit what body shapes and how to best achieve runway looks. People often ask if it's scripted, but it can't be! It needs to flow as naturally as possible - that's the beauty of QVC... it's all live, and whatever happens, happens!

Having said that, I do get to see the pieces I'm presenting beforehand and always take a few hours to prep and know the product inside out before each show. So far it's been a really fantastic experience- I love live TV and the fun that comes with it.   

What advice could you give others hoping to get into presenting?

Be determined, don’t be scared to put yourself out there and constantly film yourself presenting anything you can to showcase your style. My first presenting showreel was my best friend filming me running around an island in the Maldives narrating a treasure hunt! But thankfully, that video led to much bigger jobs. Be proactive, be focused… but also- be prepared for rejection.

What has been your most enjoyable presenting job?

Last year I got to live in Africa for 7 months whilst presenting TV shows on travel, wildlife and conservation. It was the experience of a lifetime to say the least and highlights include standing a few feet away from wild lions, elephants and cheetahs, being the first person to try the world's tallest zipline and presenting a lion hunt at night as it unfolded before my eyes. 

The shows are still in post production, but you can watch trailers here : https://kristinaguberman.com/portfolio/tv-shows/

Check out Kristina's weekly blog about all the crazy behind the scenes shenanigans here: https://kristinaguberman.wordpress.com/

Kristina Guberman QVC Presenting Reel:

Reflections Profile: https://www.reflectionstalentagency.co.uk/kristina-guberman

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