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Updated: Jul 15, 2020

As restrictions ease after COVID-19 lockdown, Reflections' actors are returning to on-set film and TV productions. The entertainment industry has faced unprecedented challenges in recent times, but the industry response has been powerful - with hashtag campaigns to raise actor profiles, online performances, and webinars to learn new skills and make connections, from casting Q&As to self-tape tutorials. Though there will be new guidelines and precautions to get used to, we are excited to see actors return to stage and set!

Despite the challenges, there were many highlights of our lockdown, including launching our new voiceover bank. Other big highlights have included seeing Tina Barnes and Edward Peel in Doctors, and Rhianna Hosmer starring in Holby City. We loved seeing the performances streamed by Shakespeare's Globe theatre, including Edward Peel in A Midsummer Night's Dream. The digital release of Edge of Extinction, starring Chris Kaye, also made perfect lockdown viewing.

Since the end of lockdown, our talent has already begun returning to set. Bryan Larkin, who acted opposite Gerard Butler in London Has Fallen and starred in the lead role of BAFTA Scotland winning film Running in Traffic, is working worldwide on several exciting productions; Sinead Clancy has been cast in a short film; whilst Mark Agar has been working on a TV commercial. Carmen Gloria Pérez recently starred in an advert directed by famous Norwegian actor and director, Aksel Hennie.

For actors, returning to stage and set is about more than just a job. Collaboration with other actors can be a great way to build skills and network. Since the end of lockdown, Wayne Gordon has been preparing to start work on the next exciting instalment of a trilogy of feature films. Wayne, who featured in Miracle Workers alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi, describes how he is looking forward to 'working with other talented artists'.

Collaboration is also important to Rhianna Hosmer: 'I’m most looking forward to the connections being made when responding to the fellow actors you're in a scene with. Being able to respond to their body language and energy, feeding off of that and then incorporating it into my own performance. Acting is all about connection and being tuned in to the people around you. So I’m definitely looking forward to that buzz and spontaneity you achieve in a performance from working with other actors.'

Lucas Leigh-White says, 'Really looking forward to auditioning again in a general sense, playing with characters and delving into the mindset of who they are, meeting new people.'

TV and film sets have an atmosphere all of their own. Wayne Gordon describes looking forward to 'having that excited, nervous adrenaline feeling as you step onto set and hearing those famous words ACTION, CUT and THAT'S A WRAP!'

The director's cues are also something Antonio Bustorff can't wait to return to: 'What I am most looking forward to is that moment the Director shouts "Action" and in that exact moment I become free to do what I love the most... Act.'

For Sinead Clancy, the creative possibilities in acting are something she misses. 'The chance to work artistically again will be wonderful as well as flexing those creative muscles that have lain dormant! The need to get stuck into a character and make something meaningful is immense.'

The action and creativity of combat acting is something Lucas Leigh-White is excited for: 'I'd be lying to myself if I didn't say I cannot wait to get back to swinging steel, riding horses, falling, all in the name of dramatic combat alongside fellow actors and stuntmen.'

As we return to 'the new normal' after lockdown, our ways of working will have changed forever. Theatre companies are looking to incorporate PPE and restrictions into their performances, creating a more immersive theatre experience. Set precautions, including social distancing and symptom checks, are another way the entertainment industry will change. Meanwhile, the £1.57bn support package recently announced for arts venues has brought new hope to the industry for a bright future.

'We will all definitely be more wary and respectful with one's colleagues, I think,' Sinead Clancy says. 'We don't take anything for granted anymore. I'm hoping for a workplace that is grateful, welcoming, enthusiastic and eager. I'm ready to go!'

As lockdown eases and productions begin again, it will be a challenging time for the industry, but also filled with excitement and possibility. Let us know: What are you most looking forward to when returning to set?

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