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Interview with Frazer Blaxland aka Mr Self-Tape

Frazer Blaxland is a well established actor for both screen and stage. He has previously held roles in BBC's Eastenders and ITV's Unforgotten as well as playing in numerous Shakespeare productions and performing with the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain. On top of this, he is well versed in voiceover work and has countless commercial credits.

Alongside working as an actor, Frazer is also known as the lovely Mr Self-Tape. He offers a brilliant service in which he provides equipment, editing, uploading and support. We have asked him a few questions which he has happily answered to give us more of an insight into both his acting and self-taping life!

When did you discover your love for acting? Finding out my dad liked to do it in an amateur capacity. I wanted to be like my dad. So probably when I was about 4 or 5.  Do you prefer stage or screen work? This is the hardest question to answer. I can't decide. I love them both in equal measure, they both come with equal pro's and cons. At the moment to feed my family I prefer screen.  When did you get into self-taping and how did you discover your passion for it?

A friend of mine asked a group of us if we could help tape them. I said I had a good camera and mic and jumped on board. I had a motorbike at the time and it was so easy to get to her and film and that was how I ran things for the first year until I had an accident on the bike. So I gave that up. I also loved the process and thought I could give this a go as a side hustle. And have loved every minute of it ever since. It's such a joy supporting actors and doing some acting with them. 

What’s your biggest tip when it comes to self-taping?

Other than get me to help? ;) Make sure you are lit well, make sure you have little to no shadow on your beautiful face. You can get a way with the sound not being crystal. But if you can't be seen then you ruin your chances. 

Check out Frazer's Headshot, Showreel and other links below!

Frazer Blaxland Headshot

Spotlight: http://www.spotlight.com/9496-3498-4816

IMDB: http://frazerblaxland.com/

Mr Self Tape: https://mrselftape.com/

Twitter: @fpdblaxland / @mrselftape

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