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5 Ways Actors Can Build a Social Media Following on Twitter and Instagram

[📸: Photo by Sara Kurfeß via Unsplash]

Here are 5 ways actors can build a social media following on Twitter and Instagram.

Share meaningful content

Make use of content from other accounts that are interesting to your audience. Keep up-to-date with industry news and tips from experts and media outlets. Backstage, Spotlight and The Stage are all key acting industry outlets with valuable content to share.

Look out for current popular hashtags to use. Keep an eye on what’s trending and what your followers are interested in. The more up-to-date and relevant your content is, the more meaningful it will be to your audience, making it easier for actors to build a social media following.

Showcase your skills

Actors have so much talent to share - and social media is the perfect place to share it with casting directors and filmmakers. Record your favourite monologue and share it to Twitter. Use Instagram to keep your followers updated with behind the scenes snapshots from your latest projects. Before sharing anything from a project, though, it is important to make sure you obtain permission first.

Interact with other accounts

It’s all in the name - social media thrives on social interaction, and this counts for algorithms, too. The more you respond to comments from your followers, the more likely you are to get seen and build a social media following. Make sure to also respond to other industry professionals, including casting directors and fellow actors. When posting about current acting projects, don’t forget to tag in the director, producer and any cast members.

[📸: Photo by Rodion Kutsaev via Unsplash]

Take it live

You can take visual content further by starting a live video, either on Twitter or Instagram. This way, followers can interact with you. Run a Q and A for fans or colleagues to ask questions about new projects you are working on. You could show viewers your home voiceover set-up, or interview other actors about their acting experiences. You can even use live videos to run short workshops, and give live acting tips in your field of expertise.

Create shareable content

Content that spreads far and wide on Twitter and Instagram gets seen by thousands of people. Social media for actors should be regram/retweetable. So, how can you create sharable content to get more followers? People share content because it’s informative, relatable or meaningful to them. Share an acting tip that you really love. Talk on Twitter about what you’ve learned from your best audition experiences. Create visuals on Canva with your favourite quotes from actors and screenwriters to post on Instagram. Create content that demands to be shared, and your follower count will soar.

Social media is the perfect platform for actors to build a social media following and establish their brand. When you’re clear on the kinds of acting roles you're aiming for, you can tailor your social media accounts to suit your needs. Through meaningful, sharable and informative content and great visuals, actors can build a social media following on Twitter and Instagram in no time at all!

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