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6 Tips for Sustaining Creativity and Its Impact On Personal Success

Seeking to keep the creative juices flowing, we turned to professionals from various fields for their top insights. From a Content Writer's perspective on cultivating curiosity to a Managing Director's take on radical incrementalism, explore the six unique strategies that have propelled their creativity.

6 Tips for Sustaining Creativity and Its Impact On Personal Success

When it comes to acting, creativity plays a crucial role in shaping performances and bringing characters to life on stage or screen. The ability to think outside the box, imagine new possibilities, and infuse a character with depth and authenticity sets great actors apart from the rest. Creativity allows actors to tap into their emotions, explore different perspectives, and embody various personalities and experiences.

Moreover, creativity in acting is not just about coming up with new ideas or improvising on the spot. It also involves a deep understanding of the character, the story, and the overall context of the performance. By being creative, actors can breathe life into a script, add layers of complexity to their characters, and connect with audiences on a deeper level.

●     Nature and Photography Inspire Innovation

●     Consistency Unlocks Continuous Creativity

●     Historical Insights Inform Modern Content

●     Exploration Enriches Creative Pool

●     Radical Incrementalism Spurs Creative Growth

●     Diverse Hobbies Stimulate Fresh Ideas

Nature and Photography Inspire Innovation

Exploring new landscapes and capturing nature's beauty fuels creativity. Immersing oneself in the outdoors refreshes the mind, leading to innovative ideas.

Photography, in particular, hones the ability to see things from different perspectives, which translates seamlessly into crafting engaging digital content. This approach has consistently kept my creativity thriving and my work at the cutting edge of digital signage and marketing.

Alex Taylor, Head of Marketing, CrownTV

Consistency Unlocks Continuous Creativity

Many people think creativity is something that is either there or not. It's almost like they think you must go to the fountain to fill your creative juices.

I've found that not to be the case for me.

I've been writing and creating for over 15 years now. Creativity is not a burst of inspiration here or there. Rather, it's about one thing—CONSISTENCY.

I've maintained my creativity by attending the writing table every day. You can do the same (even if your area isn't writing). Schedule a time to do your creative work. Make it sacred. Then show up. By doing this, I've created creative content for years. I don't see it changing, either!

Joseph Lalonde, Leadership Coach and Author, Reel Leadership

Historical Insights Inform Modern Content

In the realm of creativity, especially when it comes to content creation for my blog, I draw a significant amount of inspiration from the adage that history repeats itself. By delving into the past, I uncover patterns and trends that have cycled through time, and I use these insights to predict what might resonate with audiences in the future. For example, examining the advertising tactics of the 1950s, a time when print media reigned supreme, can inspire a modern digital campaign that leverages nostalgia and classic design elements yet is optimized for today's SEO standards.

This historical approach has been instrumental in keeping my blog dynamic. It's not just about repurposing old ideas but rather about understanding the underlying principles that made those ideas successful in the first place. By recognizing that human emotions and reactions often remain constant, even as mediums and platforms evolve, I can craft content that strikes a familiar chord with readers while presenting it through the fresh lens of current digital marketing practices. This blend of old and new keeps the content on my blog both innovative and relatable, ensuring that it stands out in a sea of ephemeral trends.

Exploration Enriches Creative Pool

Feed your curiosity! The more you expose yourself to new ideas, experiences, and information, the richer your pool of creative fuel becomes. For me, this means constantly reading widely, trying new hobbies, or travelling to new places.

This constant influx of fresh experiences has a great effect on human creativity. The more you explore, the more connections you can make between seemingly disparate ideas, leading to new and unexpected results.

Radical Incrementalism Spurs Creative Growth

As the leader of a visual branding company, maintaining a culture that internally fosters constant creativity and innovation has been essential to externally impacting clients in the long term. Beyond typical techniques, though, like brainstorming retreats or design sprints, however, the one approach that I've seen transform individual and collective creative flows is embracing radical incrementalism.

Rather than restricting ideation to periodic breakthrough sessions focused on major campaign reinventions or yearly planning cycles, I incentivize and empower my team to continually refine, optimize, and enhance existing projects in real time. No concept or installation is ever viewed as locked—there is always an opportunity to take it up a creative notch further.

This mentality unleashes exponential organic compounding - suddenly, a novel placement of a branded kiosk that better attracts foot traffic flow sparks riffing on signage placement nearby to drive more eye traffic, which then inspires testing projection mapping variants. Within days, a static exhibition evolves dramatically.

Stephen Hudson, Managing Director, Printroom

Diverse Hobbies Stimulate Fresh Ideas

Pouring time into diverse activities outside of work has been incredibly beneficial for maintaining my creativity. For example, painting and reading fiction helps to reset my mind and stimulate fresh ideas. The contrast between these creative outlets and my daily tasks allows for a mental reset.

Regular breaks to engage in these hobbies often lead to innovative solutions and strategies. By nurturing my creativity continuously, I maintain a steady flow of inspiration in my professional life. This habit keeps my approach to sales and marketing dynamic and effective. Consistently exploring new ideas helps in delivering unique value to our clients.

Mike Drouin, Co-Founder, Digital Marketing Director, Gardening and Home Improvement Expert, Reefertilizer



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