Kristina Guberman
Kristina Guberman
Kristina Guberman
Kristina Guberman
Kristina Guberman


Phone: 07412 833382


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Languages Voice Demo

*Experienced Television Broadcast Presenter*






QVC UK, (1 hour live shows, Regular Guest Presenter, ongoing), Fashion Presenter, QVC

Wild Warrior Encounters, (post prod, 6 ep), Presenter, Goddunnit Promotions, Don Percival

Epic Safari Encounters, (post prod, 26 ep), Presenter, Goddunnit Promotions, Don Percival

Epic Safari Destinations, (post prod, 12 ep), Presenter, Goddunnit Promotions, Don Percival

Sacré Jeu, (3 hour daily live shows in French, aired TVM3, 20 ep), Presenter, Telemedia


Call and Win, (2 hour live shows, aired on Australian 9GEM TV, 2 ep), Presenter, Telemedia


City Breaks TravelXP Show, (aired 2019,3 ep), Presenter, TravelXP Channel, Kamakyha Singh

Event/Internet Hosting:


Internet, Presenter, OPTIMISED DIGITAL STORE E-LEARNING VIDEOS, Circus Street, Dimitri Moore

Event, Presenter, EULAR MADRID, Gilead Inflammation, Rusty Wooten

Event, Presenter/ Event Host, RED CARPET INTERVIEWS AND Q&A, Russian Film Week, Filip Percon

Event, Event Host, SHAM LOVE SERIES PREMIERE, Chuba Obi

Internet, Presenter, DC FIX, WeBelieveMedia, Adam Cooper

Event, Lead Translator, ADRIEN BRODY PRESS CONFERENCE, Glacier Films, Cannes Film Festival, Vladimir Polyakov

Event, Event Host, VIP EVENT DUBAI, Four Seasons, Dubai, Marina Kish

Event, Event Presenter, PCR AWARDS, WestCoast, Mark Red



Further Credits:

IELTS, language course online videos, Presenter, Nutmeg Productions


Casino Reviews, corporate videos, Presenter, Nicely Done Productions

Crypto Angels, explainer videos, Presenter, Crypto Angels

WorldLabs, promo, Presenter, Borkh Productions

Soft Office, promo, Presenter, Soft Office

DCFix, product demo video, Presenter, WeBelieve Media





Accents & Dialects: French, Californian, Russian, Italian, German, Indian


Languages: English, Russian, Italian, French


Other Skills: Improvisation / Hosting (crowd interaction and presenting), Dance, Tennis, Table Tennis, Painting




New York Film Academy: 2004 Camera Acting


Oxford University Summer Acting: 2003 Stage Acting


Musical Theatre: 1998- 2003 Stage Acting, Singing, Tap, Jazz and Ballet Dance


Contact ​

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UK: 07412 833382

NYC: (917) 720-3072
Dublin: 083 867 3486

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