Entertainment Headhunter

Are you looking to fill a role quickly and do not have time to do it yourself?


Then look no further. Send us have your brief and we can find the perfect candidate for you, with our ‘Entertainment Headhunter’ service.

We provide leading businesses with all types of entertainment talent. Working closely with industry professionals for a number of years, we have many positive testimonials and contacts to call upon.

We can convince some of the best talent in the industry to join you and even negotiate with them on your behalf. We aim to help not only businesses, but also help individuals succeed by creating the perfect match.

Our straightforward approach and extensive networks will save you time and energy.
Meaning you can spend more time focusing on your business and less time on lengthy job searches.

UK: 07412 833382

NYC: (917) 720-3072
Dublin: 083 867 3486

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