Our voice over talents have access to professional home studios and some are even multi-lingual

They are also available to work on location in your choice of studio. 


We also have an external database of more voice-over artists and can provide a matching service for your projects. To help you find the perfect voice!

If you need help finding specific skillsets, please use our search facility above or contact us directly for help. Either via our online chat below or by phone or email.

Voice talent with professional home studios, can apply to join our voiceover bank here

Adela Leiro Vocieover Headshot

Adela Leiro

Carmen Gloria Perez Voiceover Headshot

Carmen Gloria Perez 

Cromerty York Voiceover Headshot

Cromerty York

Emily Maguire Voiceover Headshot

Emily Maguire

Jan Cramer Voiceover Headshot

Jan Cramer

Lorraine Ansell Voiceover Headshot

Lorraine Ansell

Sinead Clancy Voiceover Headshot

Sinead Clancy

Stephanie Leigh Rose Voiceover Headshot

Stephanie Leigh Rose

Tina Barnes Acting Headshot

Tina Barnes

Vivien Taylor Voiceover Headshot

Vivien Taylor